Everything will be transparent

Source code available on our Github. Portfolio, voting and weekly yields are available at the transparency portal.

Discuss proposals

Once the voting platform is live, token holders will decide the fate of $SIDX and the managed portfolio.

SmartIndex is linked to a managed portfolio

Through voting, token holders will decide which assets are the most profitable to hold.

The portfolio works for you

Inflationary assets in the portfolio give interests, which are used to buyback $SIDX. Trading fees are used to grow the portfolio.

$SIDX token


Deflationary and governance token on SmartBCH

Smart Index (ticker: SIDX) is a SEP20 token with several
advanced features deployed on SmartBCH that allows its holders
to benefit from interests accrued by a managed portfolio.
Composition of the portfolio is decided by token holders through
voting, making it the first deflationary and governance token
on SmartBCH.

A viable roadmap
Off chain voting platform has a simple core logic, easy to build from scratch. On-chain voting will use a standard OpenZeppelin governor contract and the UI will be forked from an existing ETH project.
Want to help the SmartBCH ecosystem?

Token holders can decide to fund new projects from the funds available in the managed portfolio.

Potential to influence the SmartBCH market

Currently, SmartBCH ecosystem has a small marketcap. If SmartIndex reaches a high value portfolio, decisions taken from token holders can influence the whole market.

Want to know more?

Read the white paper!

The white paper has all the information needed to let buyers make a wise decision.