$SIDX initial stats

The initial supply of $SIDX tokens is 1,000,000. 850,000 are allocated in the IBO and 150,000 in the admin wallet. Unsold tokens will be burned, as stated in the white paper.

Initially, the managed portfolio assets will be:

• 30% EBEN, deposited in the EBEN pool on Benswap.
• 30% MIST, stacking on Mistswap.
• 30% FlexUSD, a stable coin issued by CoinFlex which accrues interests every 8 hours.
• 10% MILK, deposited in the MILK pool in Muesliswap.

It will be funded once the pre-sale is done, you can check here the portfolio wallet.

5% of the raised funds will be used to provide liquidity in Benswap, Muesliswap and Mistswap.

Every token buy-back and burn will be published here.

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