Airdrop tool developed for SmartIndex

There are a few air-drop tools in the SmartBCH ecosystem, but I wanted a tool to air-drop BCH or a selected token to $SIDX token holders according to their proportional share.

So I develop an easy to use Python script, which is already uploaded on SmartIndex Github repo. If you want to know how to use it, you can find a write-up in

Why we need it?

Token holders can vote to get the interests of the portfolio airdropped instead of buying back $SIDX and burning it.  Or the selling of an NFT, for example. This makes SmartIndex more exciting.

But that wasn't the initial purpose of this tool. If forms part of a dead man switch system I'm developing: if something happens to me, assets from the portfolio will be deliver to a trusted 3rd party, which will sell them to BCH and distribute the money to token holders. Once the system is develop, I'll explain how it works here.