IBO is over. Next station: BCH PAD

After 2 weeks, IBO is over. As was already explained, after several problems with the Benswap team, SmartIndex will continue raising funds on BCH PAD. Some conditions will change, so the SmartIndex whitepaper will be rewritten and investors will know the new conditions before the sale starts.

IBO numbers

    These are the numbers for the IBO sale:

  • $SIDX tokens offered: 850,000
  • Price: 0.0002 BCH/SIDX
  • $SIDX tokens sold: 39.460,442
  • BCH raised: 7.892 (7,852 after Benswap 0.5% tax), around 4350 USD at current price
  • Unsold $SIDX tokens: 810.539,558

What's next?

Part of the unsold $SIDX tokens will be offered at the same price at the BCH PAD sale. Another part will be keep byt the BCH PAD team to later add liquidity. Once of the recommendations offered by the BCH PAD team was to allocate a higher percentage of tokens to supply liquidity,

Funds raised will be kept in the SmartIndex public wallets (published in the whitepaper) until the new fund raising campaign starts.

Thank you to all IBO buyers to help SmartIndex to reach the soft cap despite all the difficulties.