SmartIndex is launching (punks included)

Finally, SmartIndex is launching

After some discussion, we decided to launch SmartIndex without a second fund raising round. You can still get $SIDX tokens at pre-sale price (0.0002BCH per SIDX) until 5th Dec, just contact me on Telegram (@silken666) or Reddit (/u/libertarian0x0).

The new whitepaper comes with a few changes:

  • Portfolio more diversified, including NFTs.
  • Initial liquidity supplied by the admin: 90% of the funds raised go to the portfolio.
  • Better explanation of the allocations.
  • Stablished voting schedule for liquidity redistribution.
  • Whitepaper V2

    Do you think something is missing? Vote for it!

    Initial portfolio balanced will be disclosed here. Do you want to see your favorite project added? Only 5000 $SIDX tokens are needed to make a proposal. will be used as voting platform initially.