SmartIndex launch: initial portfolio composition [Updated 1st Dec]

SmartIndex has launched!

Despite several issues with the pre-sale, SmartIndex has launched with the funds raised and a new, improved whitepaper.

7.067 BCH to fund the portfolio

90% of the funds raised has been used to buy the assets that compose the portfolio. According to the new conditions described in the whitepaper, liquidity has been added using admin own funds to bring trust to the community.

This is the initial composition of the portfolio:

  • Mist: 74401,395
  • FlexUSD: 962,935
  • AxieBCH: 40216,946
  • Celery: 107347,692
  • EBEN: 531,621
  • MILK: 3413,279
  • BCHPAD: 13115,77
  • FLEX: 51,975

Stacked assets: Mist, EBEN, MILK and Celery. FlexUSD is currently giving interests every 8 hours. Airdrops from AxieBCH and BCHPAD are expected, as well as FLEX when the DAO launches.

LAW PUNKS: the family grows

The current LAW punks collection brings a total hashrate on BlockNG of 106.28. The LAW earned will be used to further upgrade the punks and earn more LAW, until voters decide other fate for the LAW coins.

Initial liquidity supply

The admin has provided liquidity using his own BCH. These are the liquidity pools:

  • Mistswap: 4 BCH paired with 18711,1 SIDX*. Amount of LP tokens: 273,4
  • Tangoswap: 1 BCH paired with 5000 SIDX. Amount of LP tokens: 70,71
  • *As someone already provided liquidity on Mistswap and the price was higher than the initial pre-sale price, liquidity was added at current price.
    Take in mind that SIDX listing on both DEXs is stil pending, but you can trade it as a custom token using the contract address 0xF05bD3d7709980f60CD5206BddFFA8553176dd29.

    This is only the start: the portfolio will grow

    This humble portfolio will grow not only thanks to trading fees. A private sale is still going on until 5th Dec and 90% of the funds raised will be used to make the portfolio larger, using the distribution described in the whitepaper. Price of the private sale is 0.0002 BCH per SIDX, so if you're interested to get some SIDX and the price on the market is higher, contact me on Telegram (@silken666).

    1st December update: MILK swapped to 1BCH

    The portfolio tracker is a web app being built for SmartIndex which allows to check the assets and yields. As the app needs to interact directly with the smart contracts, I asked the Muesliswap team and SmartBCH-related TG groups about the contract source code which manages the auto-MILK pool.

    I didn't find the source code, so I considered this a security hole and made a poll on SmartIndex TG group about what to do:

    You can see the poll in the right image.

    Swap MILK for 1BCH tokens was the winner option, so it was finally done:

    3413.279 MILK were swapped for 37755.252 1BCH tokens.

    1BCH tokens are currently stacked on a pool to earn rBCH. As other stacked assets, rBCH earnings will be used to buy back SIDX and burn it.

    Answer from Muesliswap team came, but later

    Finally, I got an explanation from one member of the Muesliswap team about the contract source code:

    the source code is publicly available here, but as you see, all the lines are commented (ignored by the compiler), so anyone who wished to check the contract and get the ABI to interact with it, should manually compile it with Remix.

    This is because this contract was deployed later than other Muesli's contract.

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