Update about the private pre-sale

Funds already raised: 19,2775 BCH

On 1st Dec, 19,2775 BCH we raised. The private sale will still go on until 5th December.

Funds already allocated to the portfolio

90% of these funds (17,35 BCH) have been already allocated to the portfolio to not lose interests in the fast-changing SmartBCH ecosystem. Funds destined to the admin are still in the admin wallet in the form of WBCH. Funds were allocated according to the initial portfolio composition stated in the portfolio, with the exception of MILK being swapped to 1BCH token, as published yesterday.

Initial portfolio composition

The current balance list for the portfolio now is:

  • MIST: 250880,912
  • FlexUSD: 3466,475
  • EBEN: 1794,82
  • 1BCH: 145819,3327554
  • AxieBCH: 140720,946
  • Celery: 479775,029
  • BCHPAD: 41419,47
  • FLEX: 127,8813

One new lvl 6 punk into the family

Punk #9668
Punk #9668 joins the family, it was bought for 0,67 BCH. 0,198 BCH are stacked in BlockNG beam and waiting to end the private pre-sale to buy new punks.