How to submit a new proposal
Anyone holding at least 5000 SIDX tokens is able to submit a new proposal. The proposal will be reviewed by the admin. If accepted, the proposal will be publicly voted by SIDX token holders.

Rules to follow

To be approved by the admin, a proposal has to follow the next rules:
  • The user who submits the proposal must do it using the official form and must be log in using the SmartBCH account that holds, at least, 5000 SIDX. An exception will be made if there's any technical problem that avoids using the official channel.
  • The admin can take up to 24 hours to review the proposal: in that period of time, the tokens must remain in the wallet.
  • The proposal has to be written in English, must be clear and easy to understand.
  • The changes described in the proposal will be explicitly written. No choice can be delegated to admin's will.
  • Standard proposals has 2 options: approve or reject. Complex proposals can have up to 4 options, but one of them must be "Reject", or the proposal won't be considered valid.
  • Minimum duration of the voting period: 1 day
  • Maximum duration of the voting period: 14 days

Examples of invalid proposals

Sell 1 LAW punk for SHIBAMOONDOG
- Alice
This proposal is invalid because:
  • Doesn't specify which LAW punk to sell.
  • Doesn't specify the auction price.

Move all liquidity to BEACH2 DEX
- Bob
This proposal is invalid because proposals involving liquidity are only make during the scheduled periods on the whitepaper, unless there's any security hole in a DEX holding admin's liquidity or a wide consensus to touch liquidity.
Fork project X and convert SmartIndex into a DAO
- Lambomooon boy
This proposal is invalid because there's no viable project linked to it with a maximum allowed budget, doesn't specify who will be hired to carry on the project and from where will come the money.
In other words: it leaves multiple choices at admin's hands.
Sell all assets and liquidity to buy Bitcoin SV

This proposal is invalid because holding assets outside the SmartBCH/BCH ecosystem is outside the scope of SmartIndex.

Things to considered before submitting a new proposal

As SmartIndex will use, at least at the start of its life, Checkbook as voting platform, voters will have their SIDX tokens locked during the voting period. Submitting a proposal when a popular proposal is being voted may end up with your proposal not reaching the required quorum to pass.

You must also considere if your proposal can collide with another proposal:

Example of colliding proposals:

Proposal A

  • Swap token A for token B
  • Ends in 3 days

Proposal B

  • Swap token A for token C
  • Ends in 5 days

As you can see, if proposal A gets approved, proposal B cannot be approve.

Despite that, anyone is free to submit a colliding proposal: voters must do their own research and be aware of this kind of situations.

It's recommended to discuss any proposal in the SmartIndex Telegram group before submission. This can give you an idea about the community sentiments about the proposal and what points can be improved.

Steps for submitting the proposal

  1. Go to the Submit a proposal section.
  2. If you're not logged in, you'll see a button stating "Log In With a Crypto Wallet". Click on it.
  3. Metamask or WalletConnect will pop up and ask you for sign a message. You must sign with the address holding your SIDX tokens. This is just a signature: your SIDX tokens won't be transferred anywhere.
  4. You will be redirected to the same page again, but this time you will see the form to submit your proposal (see image at the right).
  5. Write the proposal taking in mind the rules stated in this page.
  6. If you're proposal is a simple proposal (approve and reject options), there's no need to fill any Choice field.
  7. If you're proposal is a multi-choice one, write one choice per Choice field. Field "Choice #4" must always be reject.
  8. Enter the desired voting period length, which goes from 1 day to 14 days.
  9. Click on "Submit proposal" button. If everything goes well, you'll be redirected to the SmartIndex frontpage.
  10. Now wait up to 24 hours for your proposal to be published on the website. SmartIndex TG group is a good way to stay updated about accepted and rejected proposals.
Screenshot of the proposal form