How to vote using
At the first stage of development, will be used as a voting platform. Once a token holder submits a proposal and gets approved by the admin, the proposal will get published in the News & proposals section.
Every proposal is linked to the information you need to know for vote.

Information linked to every proposal

Every proposal is linked with some key points:

  • ID: The unique number that identifies every proposal.
  • Voting address: the address where the SIDX tokens are sent using app to vote for or against a proposal.
  • Choices available: ACCEPT or REJECT for simple proposals. Proposals with multiple choices have every choice tagged as A, B, C or REJECT.
  • End time: Day and hour (UTC) when the voting period finishes.

  • With this in mind, you can now proceed to vote.

    Steps for voting using

    The first step is to open the write section of the app: click here.

    You'll find multiple text fields to write (see image at the right), so let's check them one by one:

    • Token's Address: here you should put SIDX contract address, which is 0xF05bD3d7709980f60CD5206BddFFA8553176dd29.
    • Payees's Addresses: here you must put 0xa3533751171786035fC440bFeF3F535093EAd686.
    • Amount to Send to Each Payee: this is the amount of SIDX tokens you want to send for voting. The more tokens you send, the more chances for your choice to be approved.
    • Deadline/Expiry Date: you have to put it after the proposal deadline or your vote won't be valid. Every proposal timeline is set in UTC time, but when you write a cheque and set a deadline, you're using your local timezone. So convert the deadline time to your local hour, for example using this website, and then put it in the checkbook app. Always add at least 1 minute more to the deadline to be sure your vote will be counted! If you don't want to think about it or use any converter, just add 12 hours to the proposal deadline.

    • Tag: this field is optional but highly advisable. Put a random text and check the box "This is a secret tag". This way not only the admin cannot claim your tokens, but even if the frontend gets hacked, nobody can steal your tokens.
    • Memo: in this field is where you provide your chosen option, and always have the same format #ID:OPTION.
    For example, if proposal #1 is a simple proposal with accept or reject options and you want to reject it, you should put in the Memo field:


    If proposal #4 have options A, B and REJECT and you wish to vote for option B, you should put:


    It's important to always follow the same format or your vote won't be valid.
    Fields that must be filled for voting in SmartIndex
    The first time you use, you have to allow the app to spend your SIDX tokens. This is safe as Checkbook has been developed by SmartBCH lead dev and it's audited.

    What happens after the voting deadline?

    Votes will be counted and the result published. As the voting is public and takes place in the blockchain, everyone can see the results. I'll try to release an app to see the events emitted by Checkbook and filter them by token address and memo field. After the deadline, you can claim your SIDX tokens.