First buyback and burning of SIDX tokens

Today, the pre-sale was over and the portfolio fully funded. Funds were added to the portfolio in 3 different times, so SmartIndex has already earn some interests.

What has been burned?

At the right you will see a screenshot of the portfolio tracker, an open source web app that will soon be online. This app will help all SmartIndex investors to know in real-time the state of the portfolio. Features to be added soon is NFT compatibility and token price (SmartBCH lacks a good API for that, sadly).

Also, you can know how liquidity pools in the portfolio are performing, the current supply and quorum or what new tokens are being added through voting or airdrops.

So you can see the yield of every stacked asset (LAW for punks not shown yet):

  • MIST: 206,7
  • FlexUSD: 8,33
  • EBEN: 8,176 (earned from the last portfolio funding)
  • Celery: a voting to pass to payout mode is needed.

1BCH was staked in a now inactive pool: 30906,9 rBCH were earned, which were also used to buy back and burn SIDX. The fate of the 1BCH in the portfolio now must be decide by token holders.

116.485 SIDX tokens were bought for 0.027 BCH in Mistswap and burned. This is the burning tx hash.

Now it's time to upgrade Law Punks with the LAW earned, it will be published soon!

Preview of the portfolio tracker web app