Private pre-sale is over! Final stats of the initial portfolio and coins burned

Total funds raised: 32,0286 BCH

Today, 5th December 2021, the private presale of SIDX tokens has ended. Assets has been bought and unsold SIDX tokens burned, here you can find all the details.

Funds allocated to the portfolio

90% of these funds (28,82 BCH) have been allocated to the portfolio as stated in the white paper (see graphic below).

10% of the funds raised (3,20 BCH) are in the admin wallet.

Initial portfolio composition

The portfolio balance is:

  • MIST: 282334,493
  • FlexUSD: 3968,683
  • EBEN: 2122,74
  • 1BCH: 183131,03
  • AxieBCH: 167752,146
  • Celery: 582908,533
  • BCHPAD: 48649,48
  • FLEX: 142,804
Stacked coins
Coins stacked and giving interests are:
Also, punks are stacked

SmartIndex has a family of 11 punks

Two punks have been bought in this final funds reallocation, for 0,2 BCH both: punk #8974 and punk #963. In order to stack this last punk, a new wallet has been created. Now, SmartIndex has a total hashpower on BlockNG of 174,682. LAW tokens earned by stacking punks will be used to upgrade the punks until voted otherwise.

Burned SIDX tokens

One mllion SIDX tokens were pre-minted. 184055,1 SIDX tokens were sold and 18405,51 were destined to the admin wallet.

797539,39 SIDX tokens have been burned, so the total supply is now 202460,61 and the current quorum for the voting is 18405,51 SIDX tokens. The total supply will diminish every week due to the weekly buy back and burn with the interests earned in the portfolio.

This stats will be updated in real time once the portfolio tracker web app is developed.