Second buyback and burning of SIDX tokens doesn’t come alone: featuring the transparency portal

Yesterday, as every Sunday, interests from the managed portfolio were used to buyback and burn SIDX tokens: 129.569 SIDX were bought from the market and burned. Several punks were upgraded too, but that's not the actual news...

Featuring the transparency portal

SmartIndex transparency portal is a web app developed with Python and Flask that allows everyone to see what's going on.

At the moment, you will find 3 sections in the transparency app:

Portfolio tracker

In this section you will see the assets, both stacked and unstacked, in the portfolio. You can see also the yields, the reserves of SIDX initial liquidity pools and LAW rewards earned by stacking LAW punks. A pie chart makes easy to visualize the weight of every asset in terms of USD value. This data is updated every 5 minutes.


SmartIndex is the first governance project in SmartBCH and uses as voting platform. In the Proposals section you can see all the proposals, their current state and the result once the voting period ends. This allows voters to make decisions wisely.

Weekly yield

Every Sunday at 12:00 UTC, the server will take a snapshot of the yields. This is the list that will be used to know the amounts of SIDX to buyback and burn. You can find the list of every weekly snapshot here.