SmartIndex proposal #6 [CLOSED, REJECTED]

Voting for proposal #6 is open

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This proposal will serve to broaden the scope of the portfolio to add another DEX that has proven to be a worthy contender in the smartBCH ecosystem. With the recent price increase of Mist, I think we should take some of the profits and diversify into TangoSwap. I propose to take roughly 20% of the Mist tokens, let's say 55,000 MIST for simplicity, and swap for TANGO. This TANGO should be staked on TangoSwap giving us xTANGO in return. This proposal will also include taking an equivalent amount of flexUSD and staking all of our xTANGO in the xTANGO/flexUSD farm for (currently) 357% APR. This will allow us to diversify into an, in my opinion based on what I've seen so far, safe DEX with known developers, earn fees with our xTANGO, earn interest with our flexUSD, and finally earn TANGO to be used in our weekly buyback and burn.

- 0x0A54897FdB1c7f9499E6f06201d41a98232008aC

Payees' address: 0xa3533751171786035fC440bFeF3F535093EAd686





Deadline: 2022-01-06 09:14:53 UTC Time

Voting period: 7 days