SmartIndex proposal #7 [CLOSED, REJECTED]

Voting for proposal #7 is open

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 This proposal is simple, we currently have a small amount of FIRE and an even smaller amount of Daiquiri and CST, which is not shown yet, in the portfolio that is currently doing nothing. I think we should swap all three of these tokens for flexUSD which, if nothing else, pays out a small amount of interest and is a safe holding. The second choice is in case anyone sees the desire to keep the FIRE in the portfolio.

-  0x0A54897FdB1c7f9499E6f06201d41a98232008aC

Payees' address: 0xa3533751171786035fC440bFeF3F535093EAd686


MEMO: #7:A


MEMO: #7:C

ACCEPT with the exception of FIRE (keep FIRE, trade others):

MEMO: #7:B

Deadline:  2022-01-02 09:35:32 UTC Time
Voting period: 3 days