SmartIndex proposal #9 [CLOSED, REJECTED]

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Hi, I'd like to follow up on proposal #7. I like the idea of getting rid of (imo meme token) called FIRE, it doesn't really have any real world value. And also take small amount of Daiquiri and CST with it and swap it all for a different reflection token which actually has real world use cases and has potential to grow. So to put it simply: Take the amount of FIRE, DAIQUIRI and CST we have and swap it all for GAME token. For further reading about GAME:"

- 0x1d8144c425be97aeac28eb5be8c650aee8911948

Payees' address: 0xa3533751171786035fC440bFeF3F535093EAd686


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Deadline:2022-01-01 20:09:19 UTC Time
Voting period: 2 days