SmartIndex proposal #10 [CLOSED, ACCEPTED]

Please, read carefully this guide before submitting your vote.


This proposal will serve to increase the low liquidity of SIDX. I move to suspend all future weekly buybacks and burns of SIDX and instead use the weekly profits (from staked tokens, farm, and staked Punks) to add liquidity. Half of the profits should be swapped for SIDX with the other half being swapped for BCH. The SIDX and BCH will then be paired and added to the Mistswap liquidity pool to increase liquidity slightly. All swaps should also be done on Mistswap. The voting period is 3 days to ensure voting can conclude before the next scheduled weekly buyback and burn.

- 0x0A5489...8232008aC

Payees' address: 0xa3533751171786035fC440bFeF3F535093EAd686


MEMO: #10:A


MEMO: #10:B

Deadline: 2022-01-08 20:10:00 UTC Time
Voting period: 3 days