Summary of the latest SmartIndex updates

These last days several things have been improved to make SmartIndex a better project and easier to understand.

New proposal submission system

From now, proposals will be submitted using the Transparency portal.

On the proposals section, click on the "Submit a proposal" button to access the the proposal form. You need to have at least 5000 SIDX tokens in your Metamask wallet (or any other compatible Web3 wallet). If the button is disabled, log in first in your Metamask wallet.

For submitting new proposals, the same rules still apply.

Clearer voting instructions

In the proposals section, you can access any given proposal and see the voting instructions. Before, users have to read the voting instructions on this blog and then follow the voting on the transparency portal. Now, users can do everything on the web app, avoiding confusions.

Also, in every proposal you will also find a link to add it to your calendar (any ICS compatible calendar application), to make sure you won't miss any voting.

Proposal #10: weekly burning of coins is over (for now)

Proposal #10 has passed. This means that portfolio interests will be used for adding liquidity to the SIDX/BCH pair in Mistswap instead of buying back and burning SIDX. Lack of liquidity was one of the biggest drawbacks of SmartIndex and proposal #10 aims to solve this.

This change is temporary, as token holders can vote to reverse it.

You will find all new proposals in the transparency portal

As the transparency portal gives us all the information needed to vote, there's no more need to submit proposals and its voting instructions as a blog entry. From now, this blog will be updated just to provide information about SmartIndex updates.

To find new proposals and their current status, just head over the proposals sections of the transparency portal.