SmartIndex got a farm on Mistswap!

Mistswap now offers a farm for the SIDX/BCH pair. Mist chooses its farms based on volume, with no human intervention.

SIDX/BCH farm offers a 128% APR at the moment of writing this article, and the reward is paid in its governance token, MIST.

Advantages of having a farm

The main advantage is liquidity: a farm bring more liquidity for the farmed pair. Lack of liquidity was an actual problem for SIDX, as it's a low cap token.

Another advantage: SmartIndex managed portfolio holds some SIDX/BCH liquidity. After proposal #11 approval, this farm will bring more value to the portfolio: rewards will be swapped for SIDX/BCH LP token and added again to farm. This allows money to flow into the portfolio.

  • Funds on the initial liquidity pool can be reallocated to other DEXs. This will be a must if we get another farm.
  • Extra liquidity pool (see Proposal #10) can be reallocated to other DEXs or swapped for any asset (like tokens or NFTs), based on token holders votes.
  • SIDX has a impressive performance

    Farming is one of the reasons SIDX reached the top 20 in and even surpassed the $2 of value per token.