SmartIndex weekly report #2 (22th to 28th August)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion:


Proposal #46 was approved last week and the SIDX/LAW farm is now tracked on the portfolio.

Proposal #47 was approved, but it was closed later for a mistake made during approval, as it was approved at the same time as proposal #46 and want both to use the same SIDX token snapshot. I apologize for the mistake, it won't happen again.

This proposal will convert all LAW to veLAW (currently 71.61 tokens) to vote for the SIDX/LAW farm.


Technical upgrades and economic performance

Regarding the most technical part, all automatization processes worked fine this week: many rewards are taken automatically during the snapshot and allocated following the proposals.

The bug reported to the Tango team that prevented to swap any asset to WBCH is now solved.

Getting the LAW rewards from the SIDX/LAW farm wasn't easy, as BlockNG's Kudos is quite complicated. Fortunately, Lee from BlockNG is very responsive and help me to integrate it.

Most upgrades this week come from the statistics part: the weekly yield section of the transparency portal has several charts regarding economical aspects of the portfolio. Major changes have been made:

Staked assets

Estimated APY and yield percentage charts don't display now outdated assets. Only currently staked assets will be displayed from now to avoid bloating.

We can clearly see the effect of the bear market: yield percentage of all staked assets are below 2% this week. GOB was very lucrative but rewards have been diminishing. LNS barely gives any reward.

Farms performance

One of the biggest upgrades is the addition of 2 new charts: Yield percentage of farms and value of assets in farms.

Yield percentage of farms
USD value of assets allocated in farms

As with staked assets, just active farms are displayed. Tango/bcUSDT on Tangoswap offered the biggest performance this week, while BCH/FlexUSD on Mist displayed the biggest yield drop.

SIDX farms performance

SmartIndex portfolio holds up a good amount of SIDX liquidity. Another big upgrade is the addition of 2 charts: weekly reward percentage of SIDX liquidity pools by DEX in the yields section, and the total value (USD) allocation in the portfolio tracker.

SIDX liquidity allocation by DEX
SIDX liquidity rewards

Mist holds up 60% of the total liquidity own by the portfolio: Mist has the first mover advantage and the community trust the project. BlockNG SIDX/LAW enter just this week but represents almost 21% of the portfolio's SIDX liquidity.

Despite Mist supremacy, it's not the DEX that offers the biggest performance: in fact, Mist just offers a ~0.2% reward while BlockNG and Tango offers 3 times that amount. This week, Emberswap is the winner: more than 1% reward in one week.

Please, take in mind that this chart just shows weekly rewards, so spikes and drops can (and will) happen.

I still have to do a face washing of the yields section to make it more attractive, but I hope the stats provided are useful for SIDX token holders.