SmartIndex weekly report #9 (10th to 16th October)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion:


No new proposals have been submitted nor voted this week.

Technical upgrades and economic performance

Punks on the portfolio wallet hashrate boost due to pills

@Dinopawnz kindly donated 5 pills to boost the hashrate of the 5 punks located in the first punk wallet (which is the portfolio wallet).

This means that punks will give an higher LAW yield. But this yield cannot be farmed weekly, as farming the rewards will destroy the effect of the pills. So the LAW will be collected once a proposal is approved.

The effects of the pills can be seen in the transparency portal. Thanks to @borrachomejor for integrating this feature and also reporting a related bug.

In the economic aspect, there's really no much news. The only thing to point out is that SmartIndex portfolio is the only owner of all SIDX/EMBER liquidity on Emberswap, which is the DEX which better rewards SIDX liquidity, only surpassed by BlockNG.

Regarding development, the SIDX-ETF token is now on mainnet and verified on Sonar. This is a ERC20 token written following OpenZeppelin standards and will represent a share on the ETF portfolio.  The watchdog is the process which will take care of issuing and burning the tokens as requested.

Some automatization functions have been improved and already tested in mainnet, to make the ETF more reliable. The ETF deposit tests on mainnet will start the next week in order to catch potential bugs.