SmartIndex weekly report #15 (21th to 27th November)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion (remember that from now, SIDX liquidity pools are located in the SmartIndex portfolio. no more extra liquidity pools):


Proposal #53 was approved last week and now 25% of the ETF portfolio is SIDX liquidity.

As the proposal stated, liquidity is shared between DEXes in the same ratio as the SmartIndex portfolio.

Despite small, this boost SIDX liquidity along the portfolio weekly yields.

Respecting ETF portfolio rewards, as they're pretty small, they will probably by reallocated to their respective farms biweekly or even monthly. Otherwise, fees will be higher than the amount to deposit in the farms.


Technical upgrades and economic performance

Despite the small boost in liquidity, SIDX liquidity is still below $10k, according to

The good news is that SmartIndex is surviving over older projects in the SmartBCH ecosystem, despite the negative market sentiment.

In a bull market, the ETF combined with the weekly rewards can bring liquidity quickly.

Regarding the ETF project, is still in alpha phase and the new features have to be extensively tested, but so far no bugs have been caught nor reported.

There's still lacking a more interactive, user-friendly way to interact with it in order to make deposits and withdrawals, but that feature will be eventually provided.

Snapshot taken on 27th Nov 22.