SmartIndex weekly report #22 (9th to 15th January 2023)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion:


No new proposals submitted or voted this week.

Technical upgrades and economic performance

This week, a bug in SmartBCH has stopped the chain for more than 24 hours. It seems that some RPC servers doesn't handle the same amount of charge as before. I'm trying to approve a new proposal

Celery didn't go in payout mode in the scheduled date (Friday at 12:00 UTC), so yields are somewhat smaller than other weeks.

Talking about staked assets: this is the first week that GOB gives no yield. Now is time to keep an eye on this project and decide if we keep staking GOB or it's better to move to another project. Mist also doesn't give rewards every week, and LNS rewards are almost zero.