SmartIndex weekly report #29 (2th February to 5th March 2023)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion:


Proposal #56 has been submitted and approved this week. It aims to make some profits with the FlexUSD held in the portfolio thanks to a new SmartBCH project: FogOfWar

Technical upgrades and economic performance

On 1st March, all rewards from the ETF portfolio farm were harvested. The rewards are being held in the form of bcUSDT (11.94 bcUSDT) until I develop a new way to reallocate the earnings.

The current algorithm reallocates according to every farm yield: the highest yield gets the highest reallocation. Farms with low yields (specially some SIDX farms) get an amount so low that liquidity cannot be added. So according to proposal #53, I'll write a new algorithm that first keep SIDX liquidity at around 25% of the portfolio value and then places the remaining rewards (if any) to the farms according to the yield. 


The only other thing that took place this week is that LNS, a staked asset, gave some yields, when usually LNS doesn't give anything.