SmartIndex weekly report #33 (27th March to 2nd April 2023)

Welcome to the SmartIndex weekly report. Here's a summary about this week events and performance of the portfolio:

Rewards allocation

Rewards from staked tokens, farms and punks for this week can be seen in the snapshot taken today here.

Rewards have been allocated in the next fashion:


No proposals have been submitted nor voted this week.

Technical upgrades and economic performance

No news coming from the market.

Regarding technical aspects, a bug which prevented getting sometimes the BCH price was solved.

The ETF portfolio rewards were harvested yesterday (1st April).  $26.41 in rewards were added to the $11.94 rewards held in the form of bcUSDT from the last month.

SIDX liquidity was just 15% of the ETF portfolio, and the script tries to keep it between 20-30% (see Proposal #53). As adding rewards is not enough to reach a 20%, the script withdrawals money from the farm with the lowest yield. Only 50% can be withdrawn as max, if more money is needed, the script goes to the second farm with lower yields.

In this case, 25.6% of Mistswap BCH/bcBCH liquidity was removed. Money is added to SIDX liquidity pools also based on yield: the pool with the highest yield gets more money.

In the future, if SIDX liquidity surpasses 30% of the ETF portfolio composition, money will be withdrawn and deposited into the farms.